Michele and Anima recently took a trip to Ontario for the 4th Annual  Canadian Obesity Conference in Toronto. They presented early findings and lessons learned from the Healthy Together Program as part of a 6 presentation panel. Approximately 70 people attended this 1.5 hour session.

Both Anima and Michele had the opportunity to attend workshops on this day and participate in some lively discussions related to Industry and Obesity Prevention which considered public and private partnerships. They also attended a workshop session that highlighted the success of Comprehensive School Health (CSH) in improving diets, activity levels, and body weights. The successful program was recognized as a “best practice” and has inspired the development of the Alberta Project Promoting active Living and healthy Eating (APPLE) Schools. The project includes 10 schools, most of which are located in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas. The present study examines the effectiveness of a CSH program adopted from a “best practice” example in another setting by evaluating temporal changes in diets, activity levels and body weight. This was a very inspiring presentation that left everyone feeling very hopeful about the positive impact possible when teaching children and families about health, healthy eating and activity.