The Bridge Youth & Family Services is now running a pilot project to learn more about how convenience stores can promote and support healthier food choices for families.  We have teamed up with our local Mac’s Store (1007 Rutland Road North, Kelowna) and the Western Convenience Store Association to run a 10 week pilot project with 12 families.

Every Monday we’ll be providing the families and store customers with brochure containing nutrition tips, an activity idea and a new recipe to try at home.

All around the local store you will see these…

When you see this symbol on a shelf you know this is a product that has been identified as “healthier” for you than other items you might find in the store.

HT Convenience Store Kelowna

Choose these items anytime if you want to pick things that are lower in sodium, sugar, additives and unhealthy fats than some of the other items you would find in the store.

If you are in the Kelowna area please join in the fun! Visit the Mac’s store at 1007 Rutland Road and when you purchase a green footprint item just ask for a ballot to enter the free draw to win a $25 gift card! And everyone is welcome to the Healthy Together Convenience Store Celebration on June 19th at 3:00 PM

Check out our Week 1 Brochure here!

If you have any question about this project please contact:
Michele Hucul – Project Coordinator, Healthy Weights for Children