[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]” The Healthy Together is an absolutely amazing program! Not only was it fun, but educational as well. You learn how to become healthy with your family. If you apply all of the methods that the program teaches, you can live a much healthier life as will your family. I learnt how to budget for healthy living and how to incorporate my child into preparing and cooking meals. My child really enjoyed the program and now eats more fruits and vegetables as a result of trying new foods with other children. I myself have lost 37 pounds by making changes to my lifestyle that I learned from participating in the Healthy Together Program. I changed simple things like eating whole wheat pasta and bread instead of white and cutting out greasy foods. One major change was to move more. I now exercise with my family and we love it! I would encourage everyone to participate in this program, not only for yourself but for your family!”[/quote]