We had 20 trained facilitators and 9 trained evaluators after our 2nd Train-the-trainer this past September 9, 10 & 11, 2014.

HT Training - group

We enjoyed delicious meals and snacks throughout the three days and the sunshine joined us every day!

On Day 1 we provided an orientation to the Bridge Youth & Family Services and the Healthy Weights for Children Project and closed with Cultural Resilience and the wisdom of Monique Grey-Smith from Little Drum Consulting.

On Day two facilitators and evaluators were streamed into concurrent training sessions. The facilitators, led by Michele Hucul, focused on the Healthy Together program model and curriculum, group work skills, shame & trauma impacts and group considerations when working with Children-in-care. The Evaluators, led by Dr. Mary Jung and Jessica Bourne, learned about the Healthy Together program, role of the evaluator, data collection, coding and ethics and protocols.  After the break we joined forces and ran a mock session of Healthy Together complete with evaluation. This proved a valuable learning ground for everyone, including the Healthy Together Project Team, as we tried out the program and practiced and experimented with facilitation and evaluation ideas. Day three was a closure morning for evaluators and facilitators and the entire training group jointed together for lunch. We ended the day with a question/answer wrap up session and concluded with the presentation of certificates of completion.