Staff Photo
The Healthy Together Staff


For my fourth site visit I had the pleasure of going to Children’s Aide Society of Brant in mid-February…an entertaining and satisfying experience in a province socked in with more winter than I can ever recall. Despite snow drifts and cold temperatures I enjoyed myself in the middle of a wonderful team of people and I was easily able to shut out the winter as I watched the Healthy Together Program for the 7 to 12 age group.

I tried it!
Some success stories – each week participants were encouraged to complete a quick ‘I Tried It’ rosette.

A few highlights I thought I would share with others…

  • The program was run out of the home economics room of a local high school…a wonderful venue for this age group. There were four fully stocked cooking centers along with tables, chairs and space for education. The gym was a short walk away and provided the activity space.


Table set-up
The Tables ready for participants, including fruit for snacks as they arrive!


  • The group concluded with a rousing round of BINGO using Healthy Together words and prizes of games being offered to the first two lucky winners. One lucky person won a bag of grated cheese as it was a leftover food item! A great way to provide a family connection activity for home and an opportunity to wrap up and integrate the learning in a fun way. This can provide a time to have an informal discussion about the words as they relate to the session. The games were bought as part of program supplies.


Some of the flip chart work the participants were working on


Next stop…Yellowknife for March 4 & 5th!