Michele travelled to Castlegar for a Healthy Together site visit at the end of June. She was greeted by Laura Munoz (Evaluator) at the airport and taken to the Kootenay Family Place for the final session of Healthy Together for 7-12 year olds.

Kootenay Family Place Veggies

A real highlight of this visit was the use of fresh vegetables to greet children and provide their after school snack. The day at hand was an exciting experience for the families because the activity for the day was skateboarding. Two Healthy Together staff were skilled and passionate about this sport and brought their enthusiasm to the group. They provided safety gear and skateboards for anyone that wanted to try this activity. Staff led the participants in the basics and supported them to try their hand at this sport. For some this sport was already a part of their fitness routine because Castlegar has an active skateboard park program in place, for others it was a first experience at this sport. This group demonstrated a great use of local talent and the promotion of local, free community activities as a physical activity option. Physical Activity, like people, comes in a variety of shapes and styles. Skateboarding was offered twice in the same session to provide two activity breaks which was very needed by this active group of youth. Castlegar will enjoy a summer of skateboard activity and now maybe a few more families will be using the service and joining their children for a fun day at the park.

Kootenay Family Place Making Sushi

Following the activity everyone had great fun trying their hands at making sushi!