Anima and Michele travelled to Temiskaming Shores, ON for a site visit to watch the implementation of Healthy Together with the 13 to 18 age group. They enjoyed the beautiful scenery and Lake Temiskaming views and could see Quebec across the water.

Healthy Together Temiskaming

They joined elder Marilyn, Melissa, Kelly, Brenda, Kalene, and Stephanie (Service Connector), Ivonne (Student) and Casandra (student) at The Keepers of the Circle in the community of New Liskeard.  This organization entered into a partnership with their local high school and ran the program twice a week during lunch hours. Youth walked to the Centre on program days and were met by staff and practicum students as they learned about healthy eating and activity together.  The service connector is employed by The Keepers of the Circle and funded by the District of Timiskaming Social Service Administration board. The agency incorporated this staffing into the Healthy Together program.  A highlight of this visit was the welcoming song and drumming led by Marilyn and the practice of introducing “new foods” at each session.

Each week a new food is introduced for tasting for staff and participants to try if they are interested. We learned how to cut and serve mango and tried melorange for the first time and it was delicious (if you like cantaloupe).