So what is this new Healthy Together toolkit we’re talking about?! And how does it differ from the original HT facilitator manual?

After 3 years of training and implementation using the original HT facilitator manual we collected a mass of feedback from our facilitators and implementation sites about how great the program was, some shortcomings, sections that needed more information or clarification and even additional topics that you’d like to see in the program.

The new toolkit was piloted in Kingston in October 2016, we then made some last minute edits and launched the final product in March 2017. The new toolkit is now also available ‘en Français’!

The Toolkit is housed in a 3-ring binder making it easy to pull out a specific page for your session or for copying. There are 3 main tabbed sections;

  • Learning Activities (green tab) containing 30 activities
  • Cooking Activities (red tab) containing 36 activities 
  • Physical Activities (blue tab) containing 21 activities

There are also 2 more sections at the back of the binder containing the Appendices and the Facilitator Training Guide.

Each section incorporates many of the activities & recipes that you’ll recognize from the original facilitator manual but we’ve spent some time on the design so there’s a new, improved layout that’s easy to read and each activity is on it’s own page for ease of use.

We’ve had great feedback from our facilitators so far, but would love to hear what you think, contact us using the link in the top menu bar!

If you’ve previously been trained as an HT facilitator then you will have access to the new toolkit. All our facilitators have been sent an email update with instructions for creating a new registration for our website. This will enable you to access the login-only area of the HT website where the toolkit and all program resources are available to download. If you have not received your email or are having difficulties creating a registration then please contact us.