Healthy Together is an innovative and unique family education model that brings families together to learn to make healthy choices and build healthy relationships. [1] This program was created under the Healthy Weights for Children Project led by The Bridge, one of eleven National Projects funded under the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Innovation Strategy [2] [3] for “Achieving Healthier Weights in Canada’s Communities”.

Healthy Together promotes achievement and maintenance of healthier weight practices in disadvantaged and under-served children and their families (including Aboriginal and minority groups). This asset‐based education model is being implemented and evaluated, in partnership with local organizations in diverse communities across Canada.

Each partner site engages with children and youth under 19, their parents, foster parents, caregivers, and elders in various group settings. Key themes include food and nutrition, physical activity, relationships and community support.

Our goal is to produce an innovative and adaptable training resource that can be implemented with families across Canada, to build a culturally relevant, sound knowledge base, and develop practical skills that will help them achieve and maintain healthier weights for life. We also hope to create an effective information sharing strategy that supports integration of Healthy Together within core population health practice and policy.

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“Great group dynamics, everyone had fun while helping to cook and learn together”

~ Facilitator

The Healthy Together (HT) program uses innovative approaches of prevention, family education, and group learning that are multi-faceted, holistic and culturally informed. The program design is flexible and adaptable in a variety of setting that support the needs of families.

The HT toolkit includes a program brochure, Learning Activities, Physical Activities, Cooking Activities, Appendices and Training Guide.

The HT content is guided by five education themes:

  • Journey to Health Together
  • Eat Food
  • Time and Money
  • Move More
  • Healthy and Active for Life

Every HT group session includes:

  • Learning Activity
  • Physical Activity
  • Cooking and Eating together
“I really enjoy cooking the food myself, with others!”

~ Youth Participant

Footnote [1]

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Footnote [2]

Funding for this project has been made possible through a contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada. The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Footnote [3]

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s Innovation Strategy (IS) links evidence and action to address the underlying causes of complex health issues in diverse communities across Canada. The IS captures knowledge about ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t work’ by supporting and evaluating innovative and evidence-based population health interventions that focus on achieving healthier weights.