HT-door-clingWeek Four of the Convenience Store Project is underway. The idea of choosing ‘healthier for you’ products has been well received. Children and youth can easily identify the ‘healthier’ products and have been completing challenges each week as they shop with their coupons for ‘green footprint’ items.

Store Front with posters
Mac’s Store Front with posters

Ken, a Dad participating in the program with his three kids said that;

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]There wasn’t any difficulty in finding the green footprints. My kids could tell what was healthy and unhealthy based on this.”[/quote]

We are hoping to continue highlighting choices that are “healthier for you” at convenience stores.

Have a look at our Week 4 Brochure if you want more information about the kind of information we are sharing with children, youth and families.

Please contact me if you would think your community might benefit from a campaign to identify and provide ‘healthier for you’ items in your neighbourhood convenience stores.