Recently ParticipACTION revealed the most frequently asked question was, “what is moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity?”

The Healthy Together program teaches families about the importance of physical activity based on the information found in the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines . The term moderate-to-vigorous may be new for some people or you may not understand what exactly is meant by this term.

Dr. Allana Leblanc answers the question for us in her recent blog about this popular question.

She recognizes that “The question is totally valid” and she goes on to explain that:

“ – to meet Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines of 150 minutes per week, your activity has to be at least moderate intensity. And there’s pretty good evidence to suggest that higher intensities (i.e., vigorous intensity) is even better for your health. But the full answer is complicated. The short answer is that moderate- to vigorous-intensity activity is anything that:

  • Makes you breath heavy
  • Feel warm and start to sweat
  • Makes it possible, but hard to have a conversation with someone (moderate-intensity)
  • Impossible to sing out loud to yourself (vigorous-intensity)

If that’s enough guidance for you then STOP READING!

If you want a bit more information, or still don’t quite understand, read on!”

Click here to read the more in depth answer if you are interested.